Android: Transfer files 5x faster using Shareit Android App!

Share files through wifi!

Want to share big files? Slow transfer using Bluetooth? Worry no more!

Let me introduce to you the app called Shareit!

Shareit is an app that can share files through wifi! But before doing that, the android phone of the person you want to share your files MUST have Shareit also :)

Steps on how to use Shareit:
  1. Download the APK file here >>
  2. Install and open the file (the both of you must install Shareit on your individual phone)
  3. Configure it first. Encode your name and choose what color you want
  4. Then the wifi opens automatically
  5. Choose files (and even application install in your phone) you want to send
  6. Then wait until Shareit can detect your friend's phone
  7. Tap SEND :)
Enjoy sharing 5x faster than bluetooth :) 


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