How to Openline your Huawei Pocket Wifi? (For Smart, Globe, and Sun Huawei Devices)

Now, I want to share to you how to unlock Huawei (Smart and Globe Huawei) device using this trick.

  • Google Account
  • Your device IMEI (ex. 869470071693453) located usually at the back cover of pocket WIFI
  • Huawei Pocket Wifi (Smart, Sun, Globe as long as it is in the list of device supported below)  


    1. Go to this website > HuaweiCodeCalculator
    2. Sign in your Google Account and then input your IMEI together with your Pocket Wifi/ Broadband model.
    3. And Click Calculate
    4. Click +1 to view the result then copy the 8 digit unlock code. (NEW ALGO CODE)
    5. Very Important note: Use NEW ALGO CODE ONLY! Using the old algo will result to permanent lock of your device. Do at your own risk!

    6. Insert other SIM to your Pocket WIFI (ex. insert SMART SIM on Globe pocket WiFi or GLOBE SIM on Smart Pocket WiFi, vice versa)

    7. Go to on your browser and the device will prompt for the unlock code, simply insert the 8 digit unlock code provided by the calculator (NEW ALGO CODE).

    8. Now, you may use your Globe, SMART or SUN Pocket WIFI!!!

    Other Supported Models:

    CTRL + F Here to look for supported device model:
    · Huawei E155 · Huawei E1550 · Huawei E1551 · Huawei E1552 · Huawei E1553 · Huawei E155X
    · Huawei E156 · Huawei E156C · Huawei E156G · Huawei E156X · Huawei E158 · Huawei E160
    · Huawei E1609 · Huawei E160E · Huawei E160G · Huawei E161 · Huawei E1612 · Huawei E1615
    · Huawei E1616 · Huawei E1630 · Huawei E1632 · Huawei E166 · Huawei E166G · Huawei E169
    · Huawei E1690 · Huawei E1692 · Huawei E169G · Huawei E170 · Huawei E170G · Huawei E171
    · Huawei E172 · Huawei E172G · Huawei E173 · Huawei E176 · Huawei E1762 · Huawei E177
    · Huawei E1780 · Huawei E180 · Huawei E1800 · Huawei E1803 · Huawei E180G · Huawei E180S
    · Huawei E181 · Huawei E182 · Huawei E1820 · Huawei E1823 · Huawei E182E · Huawei E1831
    · Huawei E188 · Huawei E196 · Huawei E2010 · Huawei E216 · Huawei E219 · Huawei E220
    · Huawei E226 · Huawei E22X · Huawei E230 · Huawei E270 · Huawei E271 · Huawei E272
    · Huawei E303 · Huawei E303s HiLink · Huawei E352 · Huawei E353 · Huawei E355
    · Huawei E357 · Huawei E367 · Huawei E368 · Huawei E369 · Huawei E372 · Huawei E392
    · Huawei E397 · Huawei E398 · Huawei E612 · Huawei E618 · Huawei E620 · Huawei E630
    · Huawei E630+ · Huawei E660 · Huawei E660A · Huawei E800 · Huawei E870 · Huawei E880
    · Huawei E968 · Huawei EG162 · Huawei EG162G · Huawei EG602 · Huawei EG602G
    · Huawei EM770 · Huawei K3517 · Huawei K3520 · Huawei K3710 · Huawei S4011
    · Huawei UMG181 · Huawei E1731 · Huawei E3131 · Huawei E3131 HiLink
Source: imbz of :)

If you have questions and concerns, please comment below :)

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  1. If anyone was unable to unlock your modem by the above unlocking method means try any one of the online unlocking service provider like When i had the same situation,I followed the same way.So only i recommend this way.I hope it will be very useful to you.

  2. Globe tattoo stick E359, open port failed and no data card found? How to fix it. Thank you

  3. Globe tattoo stick E359, open port failed and no data card found? How to fix it. Thank you

  4. Globe tattoo stick E359, open port failed and no data card found? How to fix it. Thank you

  5. For long time i was watching for this tips."Thank you"

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  10. Does this work for networks outside the Philippines?

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