Internet Tricks: How to know PLDT WIFI Password? (Updated - 1/7/2015)

Everyone of us in these days always go on free wifi zones to LEECH some blessings :D And I think 9 out of 10 who uses wifi and loves surfing the net that "Is there a way to know wifi password?"

So, as newbies, we are not going deeper in knowing password of your neighborhood's wifi. But we will do the simplest way of finding it :)

Does anyone know (in Philippines) what is PLDT? Yes! everyone knows!

PLDT is one of the major ISPs in the country!

But did you know that there's a way to crack their PLDT WIFI bundle/plan using Android phones?

Note: Not all PLDWIFI can be found using this trick. Only those who do not change their wifi password :) So good luck in searching :)

So here's the steps:

  1. Download this APK file>>
  2. Install the app
  3. Open your wifi
  4. Open the App
  5. You'll see some wifi in there with their BSSID. So we need to get the last 5 digit of the BSSID

    Note: You need to find the PLDT wifi
    Some name of PLDT wifi:
    • PLDTsomesortofname
    • PLDTHOMEDSL - New!!!

  6. After getting the last 5 digit of the BSSID, go to your phone's
    SETTINGS > Wireless and Network Settings > WLAN Settings
    and choose PLDT's Wifi
  7. Then enter the password
    PLDTWIFI + 5 last digit 
  8. Example is PLDTWIFICEBA9 (all must be capitalized)

Enjoy your free wifi :P


  1. wala pa ba sir yung tutorial using aircrack-ng? hehehe

    1. meron po ako hehe meron pa nga backtrack dito :-d .. kaso nga lang pang newbie muna tayo :)

      gawa pa ako ng tutorial para jan.. para from Xtreme to Basic nalang :-)

    2. can I ask for the Backtracker file ? just send a link to me ..

    3. can I ask for the Backtracker file ? just send a link to me ..

  2. Pa update sa link hehe salamat :)

  3. my iba bng pwedeng gwin kng skaling d gmana yn?

  4. Pa update po ng link

  5. Panu po pag ganto.

  6. Paano po mag hack ng Pldt wifi? Please


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