Working VPN in Visayas and Mindanao (and in some areas of Luzon)

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 All credits to Sir xSilent and his team from :)

To Sir eyaykz, JhoLou, criscauge, and ma'am iriscabigas


Newbie instruction:
  1. Download all files needed
  2. Extract PHCVPN and PHCVPN Tap Adapter
  3. Install first the Tap Adapter (Always Run as Administrator)
  4. Open the PHCVPN v1.1 gui
  5. Check the trouble shooting instructions below (for Windows 8 and 8.1 or Windows 7)
  6. Choose server
  7. Congratulations! You have now the trick ;)
See some important instructions below :)



  • Low Ram
  • Fixed servers (up to 5)
  • Fast connect
  • User Friendly
  • Loaded with 3 old configs (fast configs = UDP)
Bat file


Instructions and Troubleshooting:

> To exit the openvpn.exe, just press F4

> You must install Tap adapter (if wala pa) tapos Run as Admin palagi (nasa 1st page ang PHC Tap Adapter natin (y))

> You must always run as admin the openvpn.exe application (Sa mga connection problems.. lalo na Windows 8 and 8.1 [​IMG] )

To do that, just right click the openvpn.exe > Properties > Compatibility and...

> To add more Servers (if naka snipe kayo)
Just rename it to .phc extension


Rename your configs only with (yung naka bold dapat ang ilalagay nyo pag mag rename kayo)

Server 1 = 1.phc
Server 2 = 2.phc
Server 3 = 3.phc
Server 4 = 4.phc
Server 5 = 5.phc

Password:  paste nyo lang :)

Just UNCHECK para ma download agad (y)

Final Instructions...
This software and trick is NOT FOR SALE! Just do it for educational purposes only :)

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7 Comments for "Working VPN in Visayas and Mindanao (and in some areas of Luzon)"


No load Needed na ba to Paps ?


yes no load yan.. free ware na working dito sa pinas :) sana di ka kasali dun sa ip locked areas :) mindanao ka ba o visayas?

also, working din to sa Luzon.. try mo lang po :)


All information are good enough and i am very much happy with with your efforts, however i will suggest you to chose the best vpn service provider.