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Globe's data plan na SAKTO sa budget MO!

Having difficulties in connecting your phone app to the internet? Or having addicted to Clash of Clans and you want to buy data plan that is right for your budget?
Then, register to Globe Prepaid's promo, GoSAKTO for just 70 pesos / week!
Offers... Globe users only 1000mb/1gb net1000 text to TM and Globe usersEnjoy the promo for 7 daysFor only 70pesos!
How to register?

Just dial


then register!

Photo credit to zahc

Working VPN in Visayas and Mindanao (and in some areas of Luzon)

All credits to Sir xSilent and his team from :)

To Sir eyaykz, JhoLou, criscauge, and ma'am iriscabigas

Smart Buddy or Smart Prepaid or Smart Prepaid Jump in simMobile BroadbandPHCVPN v1.1 - Download herePHCVPN Tap Adapter - Download hereConfig Update1 > Download Here Config Update2 > Download Here (Password:
Newbie instruction:
Download all files neededExtract PHCVPN and PHCVPN Tap AdapterInstall first the Tap Adapter (Always Run as Administrator)Open the PHCVPN v1.1 guiCheck the trouble shooting instructions below (for Windows 8 and 8.1 or Windows 7)Choose serverCongratulations! You have now the trick ;) See some important instructions below :)



Low RamFixed servers (up to 5)Fast connectUser FriendlyLoaded with 3 old configs (fast configs = UDP) Bat file


Instructions and Troubleshooting:

> To exit the openvpn.exe, just press F4

> You must install Tap adapter (if wala pa) tapos Run as Admin palagi (nasa 1…

SmartBro B UG working until now! (Updated)

Working until now, January 7, 2015, 12:20am

Recently in the world of FBT/UBT , "trickers", as I called them, were shocked about what happened to our networks especially Smart. Smart offers FREE INTERNET into people with 30mb consumable data for 1 day. This promo of Smart ruined some of the methods used by netizens all over the nation.

But now, some people were using this trick for over a few weeks until now.

Introducing the latest bug of Smart's SmartBro wireless broadband service...

SmartBRO sim (dual cut or nano cut LTE sim will do)Your cellular phone (for Step  #4) 20 pesos loadStrong STAMINA!!!! (Coz you need to be awake between 11pm to 5am to register the promo)Patience :)Updates:
Better bugging time: 12:30am
Better bugging day: Saturday
Plug your broadband together with the SmartBRO sim inserted to it.Make sure that the LOAD SHIELD were DISABLE
(See the screenshot on the right side)
Then DISCONNECTGo to the loading station and load 30pesos to y…

TM - 3000 Free Text!

Recently, my Facebook news feed was flooded with post about this trick. Then, their comments were positive! So I decided to post this kind of "BUG" :)

Let me introduce to you the things needed.

TM simCellular Phone (of course)25 pesos load or moreand lastly, PATIENCE! :)Procedure

Text UC15 and send to 8888 Text UA10 and send to 8888 againWait for a few minutesAnd then check your balance or just dial *143*3*1*1#Screenshot
Credit to haxxorisme