Android: Psiphon3 for Internet (Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao)

Free Browsing Tricks (FBT) is known all over the internet and on forums. It is helpful to others, especially those who don't have money to avail plan, in accessing internet.

What is Psiphon 3?
 Psiphon 3 is a circumvention tool from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with uncensored access to Internet content. Your Psiphon 3 client will automatically learn about new access points to maximize your chances of bypassing censorship.

Psiphon 3 is designed to provide you with open access to online content. Psiphon does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.

Download Psiphon 3
Mirror 1

How do we connect it?

  1. Open Data on your Android Phone with SmartBro for VisMin, Globe for Luzon/VisMin
  2. Open the Psiphon3
  3. Wait until it connects
    • For Globe, it takes time to connect so need patience :)
    • For SmartBro, connected for a minute or so on :)
  4. Congratulation! You now have unlimited internet with Psiphon3!


  1. can i use myGlobe Prepaid APN to connect with psiphon??


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