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APK modding - Learn how to modify/edit android apps and games

Have you ever wonder how these android apps made? Have you thought to modify and edit it? Then I can show you how to edit android apps for newbies!

- Pc/laptop
- Clear mind
- and This file - Download here

Setting up
Create a folder (ex. Android apk)Paste the zipped file on the folder Extract all inside the zipExtract one_click_signer.rar to the Android apk folderExtract apktool1.4.1.rar to the Android apk folderRename apktool.jar.rar to apktool.jarCopy and paste apktool.jar to apktool1.4.1 folder Modifying the APK file
-  Paste the apk (ex. plapybird.apk - as seen on the screen shot) you want to edit to apktool1.4.1 folder
- Open the Command Prompt.bat
- Type apktool.bat d plapybird.apk (this step is to disassemble the apk file)
- Then a folder will created containing the files inside the apk
- Now, you can modify anything inside AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING :)
- After all the modifications you apply inside the folder, let's rebu…

Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is an addictive game,you should not miss.
Test your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game!
The play rule is the simple,but you Still need a lot of skill,Don’t step the white tile.
Tap your fingers as quickly as possible, but don't step on the white tiles.
Classic mode
Tap the start button to begin and then tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal.
The quicker you tap, the faster the path moves!
Arcade mode
You have the option to display how many steps you’ve taken and if you want a countdown.
Zen mode
In this mode you have a 30 seconds to step as many times as possible.
Relay mode
In this mode you step tiles to get extra time,finally,will need more tiles.

Mirror 1

Browse faster and browse like a mobile with Modify Headers!

Modify headers is a powerful tool for Mozilla users to add, modify, and filter the HTTP request headers sent to web servers. This addon is particularly useful for Mobile web development, HTTP testing and privacy.

In most of the cases here in the Philippines,internet connection were too slow. Like browsing in Facebook, some people wait 2 - 5 minutes to be able to load completely there page. Also, in some websites, especially mobile websites, they cannot be browsed until you use your mobile phone.

To make your browsing experience fast, here's the trick :)

- Modify Headers
- Header Values
- Follow the instructions

Modify Headers
To download the Modify Headers Add-ons, you must have Mozilla Firefox Browser. Then, add it using the link below.
How to modify your headers?

Open Modify Headers
Then paste the header value
- Add
- Always put User-Agent as a Header Name
- Value
- Name of the Header
- Then Add
After adding, look at the color. Green means Enable, Red means Di…

How to download Android app in PC?

-1st, go to this SITE

- Then go to Google Play

- Search the app you want to download

- After searching, copy the link above

- Paste the link in the APK Downloader

- Generate download link

- Click "Click here to download 'name of the app' now"




Unlock your RAR files using R A R Password Unlocker

R AR Password Unlocker is proved to be a helpful tool when you forgot WinRAR/RAR password and cannot open the RAR archives. It can remove RAR password at high speed via 3 attack options: Brute-force, Brute-force with user-defined Mask and Dictionary. By using advanced search algorithm, multiple-core CPUs etc, this RAR password recovery tool enables you enjoy faster recovery speed than other similar programs.

- OS: Windows 7/ Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000
- CPU: 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
- RAM: 512 MB (1 GB is recommended)
- Hard Disk: 11 MB of free space

Download RAR Password Unlocker Password:

Scan unknown drivers with Driver Magician!

Driver Magician offers a professional solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the "saved" drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.

Download Driver Magician Password:

Networks: New Promo of Talk n Text! UNLI Facebook for just 5pesos

 Unli Facebook for 5pesos
Introducing the lowest Facebook subscription offer from Talk n Text for only 5pesos!
Unlimited postsUnlimited likesUnlimited shares for 1 day with Smart PowerApp!

Just text

FACEBOOK send to 5555

Modem Tutorials: Openline/Unlock your ZTE MF190 SmartBro modem!

Good day to all! I just want to share this tutorial to those who have SmartBro ZTE MF190 Broadband modem and they want to use other networks like Globe and Sun.

So, how to openline/unlock this kind of modem?

1st, we need these requirements:
QPST - Download Link MF190 1st Updater - Download LinkMF190 2nd Updater - Download LinkYou need to use LAPTOP! You must plug also the charger to avoid interruptionYou may put or not to put sim anyway The Procedure:

1st Part
Install QPSTPlug in your modem (after that, close the dashboard)Open QPST ConfigurationGo to PORTS and click ADD NEW PORTSSelect the port of your modem (ex: Port: COM6 Label: COM6) and Click OKYou should see there SURFXXXX under the phone columnClick Start Client > EFS Explorer > You'll see there SURFXXXX Label then click OKYou'll see the files and folders in the modem. You MUST not touch (or attempt to click :D ) the folders.Save a copy of these files (backup in case you want to restore your old dashboard)
- confi…

Download Youtube videos using Youtube Downloader

YouTube Downloader Pro is a Windows app to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and hundreds of other video sites, including 1080p, 720p HD and HQ videos. YouTube Downloader Pro accelerates downloads by up to 5 times! YouTube Downloader Pro also allows you to convert downloaded videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MP3 and more various formats, so you can play them on your desktop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, cell phone or any other mobile device.
Download Youtube Downloader


Transfer file faster with Te ra co py 2.3!

Ter aC opy is designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. It skips bad files during the copying process, and then displays them at the end of the transfer so that you can see which ones need attention. T era Co py can automatically check the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values. It also provides a lot more information about the files being copied than its Windows counterpart. Te raC opy integrates with Windows Explorer's right-click menu and can be set as the default copy handler.
Instructions: - Install software - After installation, go to the gui of teracopy - Click More > Menu > About and insert the kÉ y copy all the kÉ ys and paste to it.

Download Te rac opy 2.3

Android: Transfer files 5x faster using Shareit Android App!

Share files through wifi!
Want to share big files? Slow transfer using Bluetooth? Worry no more!

Let me introduce to you the app called Shareit!

Shareit is an app that can share files through wifi! But before doing that, the android phone of the person you want to share your files MUST have Shareit also :)

Steps on how to use Shareit:
Download the APK file here >>Install and open the file (the both of you must install Shareit on your individual phone)Configure it first. Encode your name and choose what color you wantThen the wifi opens automaticallyChoose files (and even application install in your phone) you want to sendThen wait until Shareit can detect your friend's phoneTap SEND :) Enjoy sharing 5x faster than bluetooth :)

Internet Tricks: How to know PLDT WIFI Password? (Updated - 1/7/2015)

Everyone of us in these days always go on free wifi zones to LEECH some blessings :D And I think 9 out of 10 who uses wifi and loves surfing the net that "Is there a way to know wifi password?"

So, as newbies, we are not going deeper in knowing password of your neighborhood's wifi. But we will do the simplest way of finding it :)

Does anyone know (in Philippines) what is PLDT? Yes! everyone knows!

PLDT is one of the major ISPs in the country!

But did you know that there's a way to crack their PLDT WIFI bundle/plan using Android phones?

Note: Not all PLDWIFI can be found using this trick. Only those who do not change their wifi password :) So good luck in searching :)

So here's the steps:

Download this APK file>> Install the app Open your wifiOpen the AppYou'll see some wifi in there with their BSSID. So we need to get the last 5 digit of the BSSID

Note: You need to find the PLDT wifi
Some name of PLDT wifi:

Edit your Music with WavePad Sound Editor

Wavepad Sound Editor is a full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac. It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files, you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings, and then add effects (like echo, amplification and noise reduction). WavePad Sound Editor works as a wav or mp3 editor and also supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, wma, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg, and more.

Mirror: WavePad Sound Editor

Create CD using Burning ROM 2014

Burning ROM is the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray burning software for the most demanding of users, with its many advanced configuration options.

It can also erase rewritable discs, rip your audio CDs, save ISO images, and split large files into several fragments to be stored on multiple disks. In addition, it supports over burning, and the writing speed is easily configurable.

Mirror: Burning ROM 2014

Fix Hide Files Caused by Virus with MCShield Anti-Malware USB Protection!

MCShield is my partner in times that I go on my Programming and AutoCadd class :D  You know what I mean hehehe.
How to configure MCShield to protect you from virus attacks transported by Flash Drives?
Download MCShield installer here >>InstallAfter installation, go to Scanner Check Always unhide items on flash drives

How to Launch other OS on your PC using VMware v10.0.1?

VMware Workstation 10 delivers best-in-class Windows 8 support, and innovative
new features that transform the way technical professionals work with virtual
machines, whether they reside on their PCs or on private enterprise clouds.

*New Operating System Support
Support has been added for:
-Windows 8.1
-Windows 8.1 Enterprise
-Windows Server 2012 R2
-Ubuntu 13.10
As well as for the latest Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat and OpenSUSE releases.

Download an OS (Operating System)Install VMwareOpen the downloaded OSThen START!
Mirror: VMware v10.0.1 HERE >>>

Share your Wifi using Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch

Connectify Hotspot turns your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot, letting other computers, smartphones and tablets share your connection.
Connectify Hotspot will recognize your PC's network card, automatically configuring it as a hotspot and assigning you a network name and password. Clicking on "Start Hotspot" will make your access point operational, letting any nearby device with the password connect to it. The 'Clients' tab will show you which devices are currently connected to your hotspot. Connectify Hotspot also lets you share files and folders with others who are connected to your network.

New, updated Dispatch tutorialFix Dispatch tutorial ‘Do not show this again’ buttonDetect multiple connections to the same network, which can lead to various connectivity issuesSort adapter list in Application Settings by most recent connectionsFixes around secure connection grouping when an interface is set to NEVER or becomes OverlimitReset connections on other a…

Create Awesome Menu tab on your blog!

Before I turn off my laptop, I just want to share this awesome site that I saw a few hours ago :)

Let me introduce to you...

It offers awesome designs that helps newbie (like me) to customize their blogs in an awesome way :)

How to make these cool menus? Well, very simple. Just follow the steps!

Go to their website which is CSSMenumakerScroll down and choose any of their awesome design :)Once you found one, click it and then click Build/Download andstart creating your menu :)

 PS: Tomorrow, I'll post a tutorial on how to put it in your Blog :)

Feel to comment below ;)

Converting Torrent Files into Direct Link

Just wait for a few minutes to cache your torrentYou'll download it as the torrent finish cached because a day or two (or three), the file will be wipe out in the server :)
First, go to this link >> Site LINK
Then go to torrent sites like kickass

Find a torrent and copy the Magnet URL

Paste it

Waiting ...

If you have time :)
as a sign of thanking them for the free service :)


Enjoy downloading! :)

Feel free to comment below :)

CPROXY Disposable Email Tricks


Update: June 3, 2014
Added More Working domains :D

Go to CPROXY registration page >>

Fill out the data needed and click Sign UP
Note: Enter only my domains (download nyo sa baba)

How to use my domains?
Word +

Go to
and enter the Word you added to my domain
Click Check Inbox

If di dumating, click Check for new mails!

Note: Randomly choose domains every registration (Para di madaling ma dedo  )
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CPROXY Unlimited Internet


Things needed:
CPROXY software download linkProxifier download link
Download Serials for Proxifier below (sa attachments)For Luzon, Smart Prepaid onlyFor Visayas/Mindanao, pwede Smart Prepaid and SmartBRO

100mb limit250kbps speed limit for Trial users
Install CPROXYInstall ProxifierSet Proxy Server in Proxifier
Set "Default Rule" as SOCKSv4 port 9000
Create rule for CPROXY.exe
Click Name Resolution and uncheck Detect DNS automatically
Configure CPROXY

Working Servers for Luzon, All Prague and Amsterdam UDP and TCPWorking servers for VisMin Smart Prepaid, Prague and Amsterdam UDP and TCPWorking servers for VisMin SmartBRO, All servers UDP port 53custom toolbar