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Psiphon - A way to protect your privacy

What is Psiphon? Psiphon is a circumvention way from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy profession to engage you with uncensored operation to Cyberspace volume. Your Psiphon client will automatically discover some new attain points to tap your chances of bypassing deletion.

Psiphon is premeditated to furnish you with ingenuous right to online content. Psiphon does not amount your online privacy, and should not be reasoned or old as an online security agency.

Using Psiphon as a bypassing software Psiphon comes two apps, first is on PC and second is for android devices. These apps are great and it is totally FREE.

To get the app, you can download their apps on their site or in here.

Android Direct Link
Windows Direct Link

Using Psiphon as FREE INTERNET We all know that Psiphon is a bypassing device and it is being connected to its servers so that it will work. Now, these are the current builds for Psiphon created by modders from forums and blogs and it is used as FREE INT…

How to HACK and DOWNLOAD Movies via Google

Do you want to download latest movies that you want? Eager to watch it to ease your excitement? Now, I will teach you how to download movies via Google.

Google Google is wide-known search engine all over the net and it is the major search engine used by many of us. Thinking that it is a search engine, it can search anything that is published in the net and visit it through your browsers.

Now, I will teach you how to search your favorite movies and download it via GOOGLE.


Go to  www.Google.comType "index parent directory of (Title of the movie) + (Year of release)"
Example: index parent directory of The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 2015Then, Google will give all the directories that contains the movie you want to search. Just select one of the results in the list.It will give you access to other movies most likely released in the same year of the movie you are searchingClick the link then download it. Conclusion Of course, it is not limited for MOVIES only. You can ch…