How to remove “Windows not Genuine” notification?

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Windows operating system is well known for its user-friendly interface and it is widely used all over the globe. But when your copy of Windows is not activated with in 30days or it is pirated copy, then you’ll get “Windows not Genuine” notification on the lower side of your screen. Windows users commonly encounter this notification when their copy of the said operating system is pirated or they did not activated it with valid license key. And also, when you see it every time you open your PC or laptop, sometimes, you’ll get annoyed of it.
Now, let me teach you how to remove this “Windows not Genuine” notification message!

The Steps

  1. Click the Windows logo (Windows 7) and search “CMD” and run as Administrator
    For Windows 8 and above
  2. Type slmgr -rearm and then press enter
  3. If you ask to restart your computer, click OK to restart
  4. After the reboot of your computer, you can see that the notification were gone!
  5. And that’s it!

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