How to convert torrent to direct download easily using MyFastFile?

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Media, softwares, and other files around the net; to get those, you must download it. Some files have large size and it is not easy to download if you have slow connection. And some of the computer geeks uses torrents in able to download those large size files.
In the BitTorrent file distribution system, a torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of the network locations of trackers, which are computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution groups called swarms.
So now, let me teach you the easiest way to convert torrent files to download it using direct or http connection.
I’ll introduce to you guys this website that offers FREE service to those who want to convert their torrents into direct links.

About myfastfile

We offer a service that enables you to use our server network to improve your internet experience
Since downloading and accessing media will be handeld in the cloud, transfer is always secure and encrypted.
All our servers are connected with high speed ports. This results in a reliable and fast connection to you
Thats a quick overview! Isn’t it? :)
For more info, just visit their Terms of Service below their site.
How it works?
There are two ways to use this site. First is to use it anonymously and second, to use it as a registered user.
I suggest to register because if you are registered user, you can manipulate and monitored your files.
To signup, just click this LINK.

The Steps

  1. Go to torrent sites and copy their magnet links
  2. Go to MyFastFile and then click Downloader
  3. Paste the Magnet URL
  4. Click Download
  5. Wait for a few minutes before the whole file to be cached.
  6. Click the file name and choose one of the following option
  7. Start downloading and enjoy!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is there storage limit?
A: As I experienced, it doesn’t. Some FREE torrent-to-direct download sites that I used before offers 1GB limit only. See my screen shot here. I got 5.9GB Windows 10 File!

Q: Is there a download limit at a time?
A: Yes! The site announced that every registered user can download 1 file for every 2 hours!
But in PREMIUM users, there’s no limitations at all. To avail their premium account, just sign up here and here’s their pricing:

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