Browse faster and browse like a mobile with Modify Headers!

Modify headers is a powerful tool for Mozilla users to add, modify, and filter the HTTP request headers sent to web servers. This addon is particularly useful for Mobile web development, HTTP testing and privacy.

In most of the cases here in the Philippines,internet connection were too slow. Like browsing in Facebook, some people wait 2 - 5 minutes to be able to load completely there page. Also, in some websites, especially mobile websites, they cannot be browsed until you use your mobile phone.

To make your browsing experience fast, here's the trick :)

- Modify Headers
- Header Values
- Follow the instructions

Modify Headers
To download the Modify Headers Add-ons, you must have Mozilla Firefox Browser. Then, add it using the link below.
Modify Headers
How to modify your headers?

Open Modify Headers
Then paste the header value
- Add
- Always put User-Agent as a Header Name
- Value
- Name of the Header
- Then Add
After adding, look at the color. Green means Enable, Red means Disable. Don't forget to click the START button at the upper left corner of the window to activate the header :)
And lastly, browse fast :D

More Headers!
Download the direct link. Using Google drive, files were secured :)

Any queries about my tutorial, please comment below :)


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